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What is Organic Traffic
What is Organic Traffic
Organic traffic is visitors who enter your website from unpaid sources. Namely a visit from a free source. Organic traffic sources here include search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

The process where the website or business focuses on increasing organic traffic is called search engine optimization. Generally abbreviated as SEO.

Organic traffic contributes to website trust and tends to have a better conversion rate than paid traffic. Because this type of visit occurs in the encouragement of the user's own intention.

ROI for organic traffic is very high. This happens because semi-permanent compared to paid advertising.

There are more than 255 factors contributing to the ranking of websites in search engines for organic traffic. But the most important thing is: Providing correct and optimized content for search engines using relevant keywords, so it has the potential to rank higher at SERP to get clicks from users who search engines.

Benefits of organic traffic:

Organic traffic is the most important form of traffic that the business website needs to be obtained. This is more important than paid traffic or traffic sourced from social media networks.

  • Organic traffic produces a very qualified direction
  • An organic search is a sustainable approach in the long run
  • Build higher customer trust
  • This is driven by customer's intentions
  • This is cost-effective
  • Bring very potential customers
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Competitive sustainable advantage
  • ROI is driven by customer's intentions
  • Higher conversion rate

How to Increase Organic Traffic

As a marketer, the challenge is to ensure that when people are looking for good information products or services like yours, they find you and not your competitors. This is how you can increase your organic traffic and reach SERP # 1

  1. Optimize your content for readers and friendly search engines
  2. Publish quality content and high CTR
  3. Use a long-tail keyword in your content
  4. Strategy for making solid links (backlinks and internal links)
  5. Take advantage of social media and platforms that allow you to distribute your website content (social sharing)

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