Easy Way To Get Automatic Backlinks From These 3 Content Types

Easy Way To Get Automatic Backlinks From These 3 Content Types

If you are an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Activist, you clearly know for sure that backlinks have an important role in the process of website optimization. Link building is one of the many factors mentioned in SEO strategies. As one aspect that can affect the ranking of websites in search engine searches.

There are many ways I have explained in the previous article, about how to make quality backlinks. However, this time, we will talk about how to get an automatic backlink.

It's about content that has the potential to get automatic backlinks sustainably. In my opinion, this is the most quality backlink type in SEO. Google's most preferred and high relevance of Google.

Why are Backlinks important?

Actually, I have also discussed the benefits of the Backlinks in the previous article. Follow the link that is provided for more information.

However, I will briefly explain this here.

The construction of links is an activity or effort to obtain links from other relevant websites. In SEO practice, these links are also known as Backlinks.

Google itself makes this recoil a factor to evaluate the content of a website. Where, if many people use the content of their website as a reference, the best Google evaluation of its content will be.

The reference in this case, should be a link pointing to your content from another site.

Google considers the pages obtained by many links are important. In order for the content of your website to have the potential to occupy the first page on the SERP page (search engine results page).

As a simple example, let's say it has an article on the topic "Guide to create a blog".

If a website creates the content of articles about things related to the world of blogs and then links your content link, as a reference to read in the article, then your website has a natural recess of that website.

That is a simple analogy about the Backlinks and Examples of Natural Backlinks according to Google.

The importance of relatives is what makes SEO activists try to get quality backlinks for the websites they optimize.

Guests Posting is not enough For link building.

There are many ways to make the construct SEO links. However, most SEO webmasters or activists use the guest publication method as a way to implement the construction of links.

Personally, I also like it that way.

The publication of guests in itself is the activity of writing articles on other relevant websites (having the same niche) and then providing outgoing links to your website.

This link construction strategy is effective to bring links from other websites, as well as traffic, but it does not give your website a sustainable competitive advantage.

The reason is that there are currently fewer websites that allow the invited publication in it. In addition, the creation of the publication of guests The content of the article takes a lot of time and the disadvantage, the article will be published on other websites that are only its competitors. 

In this case, we are not calling the guests to publish something bad. However, there are strategies to implement the construction of links that can provide a competitive advantage for your website.

This strategy is called the creation of linked assets for your website. This is a strategy to obtain automatic backlinks of its content.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with the term: Vinable assets are a term that refers to the content that has the potential to make people connect with that content.

The content of assets in videos itself can be anything, items, tools, videos, and others.

Types of interesting websites to get automatic backlinks

At least talk about the content of the linked assets, at least, there are 5 types of connecting asset content that can optimally increase the potential to obtain automatic backlinks from other sites.

  • The types of content are the following:

Tools and calculators

Tools are one type of content that has great potential to bring automatic backlinks from internet users and other websites.

For example, an online tool called Adobe Color allows users to get a color palette or color scheme.

These tools get a lot of links from websites related to graphic design or art.
Another example that you can see is small SEO tools, these online tools are often used as a reference by several websites that discuss blogs and SEO.

In addition to the online tools, calculators are also a type of content that has the potential to obtain links from websites. This calculator content allows you to calculate things more easily online.

An example is the online MoneyAvingexpert calculator that allows you to calculate the value of the mortgage within a certain period of time.

Another fairly common example is the BMI calculator, this online calculator allows users to calculate the ideal weight based on height and gender.


Infographics are the last type of linking asset that is said to bring many links and visits to a website. An infographic or also known as an infographic is a type of content of the website that combines information and graphics.

This type of content not only presents information in the form of text but also images. The infographics themselves are one of the types of content that are widely published by today's websites because they are considered capable of presenting data and discussion more than ordinary items.

You can customize the type of infographics that you present, from graphic infographics, how, processes, comparisons, and others.

The combination of text content with this infographic will cause your article to provide a better understanding of your readers.
For visitors to the website or other websites do not hesitate to use the content of their article as a reference and provide a link to their website.

Interactive maps

It continues to discuss the content of linkable assets for the process of creating SEO links. Interactive maps are another type of recommended content. This type of content itself is rarely used by SEO actors in the country.

In fact, this is a type of content that has the potential to obtain automatic backlinks from other websites.

This is quite reasonable because static maps are one of the most difficult content formats to create. But, on the other hand, many foreign websites have shown that this type of content is very effective to obtain quality links.

This type of mapping content usually presents an interactive map image that will then show the information when you pass or click on an area on the map.

For a lighter example, you can navigate through Gocompare, what is the world? Which is launched by gercpare.com in the search for Google.


The index rates or known as Index in Indonesia can also be a type of content that is still quite strange for some of you. This is quite reasonable, considering that this type of linking asset is more used by SEO actors abroad.

If you have to be explained in a simple way, indexes can be said as a summary of several contents that are made on a page.

For example, for example, if you have a website that analyzes cosmetics, then you can summarize content related to the world of cosmetics on a page, for example, the 10 most popular cosmetic brands in 2021, the best lip marks Cheap, and the 10 most popular beauty bloggers in 2021 (all content is described on 1 page).

To get a clearer idea of ​​the content of these indexes, you can see them on the Cosmetify Index page published by the Cometify.com website.


Those are some of our reviews about some interesting types of content you can use to get automatic link files for your website. Hopefully, this information is useful and helps the SEO optimization process on your website.

Actually, there are still many ways to obtain automatic backlinks through a great content strategy. However, the most important thing is that it has to understand the strategies and types of backlinks that are good for SEO.

In the rearview services, we implemented several specific strategies to assess the most effective SEO efforts.

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