Apply For Visa In Nigeria To Study In Canada

Apply For Visa In Nigeria To Study In Canada

Studying abroad is a privilege. It opens many opportunities, and if you choose to study in Canada, it is no exception. There are even immigration programs for foreigners who graduate from Canadian post-secondary institutions to help them obtain permanent residence. In this way, if you complement your Study In Canadian, you do not want it to leave. They want them to stay and put the skills and knowledge that have acquired a good use to strengthen their economy and create a comfortable and happy life by itself. In fact, Canada is so excited about the Nigerians who apply to study in their beautiful country that recently launched the Pilot of Nigeria Student Express (NSE).

Under this pilot, Nigerian applicants who are accepted to one of the study institutions will receive an incredibly fast response time for their applications. Requests for study permits will be processed in just 20 days.

The first step is to be accepted for a Canadian post-secondary institution. Next, you must request a study permit. However, you must comply with several criteria to qualify for a study permit. Then, without more ado, here we indicate how to request a Canadian study visa from Nigeria.

Be accepted into a Canadian institution

It is important to remember that the academic year in Canada extends from August to June and this will affect the time necessary to apply. It is vital that you apply at least one year in advance. This is because universities and other post-secondary institutions have their own processing times before the corresponding processing time is granted for their study permit. Schools generally have a list of requirements, as well as academics, that future international students must meet. Your school will provide you with a list, which may include the following.

Cost of application and registration fees;

Health insurance during the duration of your studies. As it is not a permanent resident during his study period, he will not have access to Canada's free public health system;

  • The test can meet the cost of living requirements, such as rent, etc. and
  • Language proficiency. You may have to take one of the reference tests of the Canadian language, depending on your field and study level.
  • Complete the requests and send them to your choice schools. If you are admitted as a student, you will receive a letter of acceptance. You will use this to request your study permit.

Obtaining your Canadian study permit

The Nigerian Student Express (NSE) pilot program is for students who have enrolled in an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Program at a particular institution. If you are enrolled in another course, as a study program, you are still eligible, you only have to be patient and support a longer application period of approximately 8 weeks.

NFB eligibility requirements

  • Be a legal resident of Nigeria;
  • have a letter of acceptance of a designated institution;
  • It shows that he has paid the enrollment of his first year;
  • You must be living outside Canada when applied;
  • Buy and provide a test of a guaranteed investment certificate that shows a minimum of $ 10,000 of a Canadian bank, which can not access until it reaches Canada;
  • have a medical examination;
  • obtain a letter of authorization from the police;
  • provide its most recent secondary or post-secondary transcripts; and
  • Score a minimum of 6 in the reference test of the Canadian language.

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