How to Make a Free Linktree Easily [Latest]


Ever seen the Linktree URL pinned in the bio of some Instagram account or online store? Then, you want to know how to make LinkTree like them?

example of linktree on instagram for novice business people

You are on the right page. The use of Linktree is a trend not to be missed, and this article will explain it in detail. You'll know more about what LinkTree is, the benefits of LinkTree and the LinkTree tutorial in a few easy steps.

Curious? Come on, see the complete guide on how to create a free LinkTree below

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a service that makes it easy for you to share various links on a special website page ( landing page ). 

With Linktree, your audience can access all of your content with just one main link. You can place the link in the bio of social media accounts such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. Or, you can also share it directly in the form of posts or stories.

Not only that, you can also write LinkTree in your messaging account bio such as WhatsApp, Line, and others.

If you sell products through online stores and various marketplaces, LinkTree is the right platform to let consumers know where they can buy the product. 

That way, consumers can choose the most suitable platform for them to transact.

Currently, Linktree is getting more and more popular. The proof is that there are many businesses that use Linktree, from startups to big businesses like Pizza Hut.

example linktree on instagram pizza hut

Yes, Linktree users continue to grow because this platform has many benefits, especially to support your online business, namely:

  1. Make it easy for your audience to know your various online business channels in one landing page.
  2. Make it easy for your audience/customers to access your online business channel in one click on the link provided.
  3. Increase traffic to all your online business channels, whether online stores, marketplaces or social media.
  4. Knowing potential consumers from the number of audiences who click on your link.
  5. Analyze the effectiveness of your online marketing.

Interestingly, all the benefits of Linktree above can be used for free. But, you can also use or upgrade to a PRO (premium) account, you know.

The advantage is, the Linktree PRO account has many advanced features that you can use, such as premium themes and video backgrounds. 

How to Make a Free Linktree

The time needed: 5 minutes.

How to create a free Linktree is very easy, you can follow these steps:

1. Access the Linktree Website
2. Fill out Linktree Login Details
3. Fill out Linktree Account Info
4. Choose a Free Linktree Plan
5. Verify Email
6. Login to Linktree Account
7. Linktree Dashboard Page
8. Creating New Links
9. Sharing Your Online Store Link

Now, here is the complete guide!

  1. Accessing the Linktree Website

    In order to use Linktree, you need to first create a Linktree account through the official Linktree website . 

    On the Linktree home page, click the Get Started For Free button to start creating an account.

    access the main page of the linktree website

  2. Mengisi Detail Login Linktree

    You will be directed to fill in account login details such as username , email and password .

    You can use the name of your online store as a username to make it easy to remember. For example, in this tutorial we use the username yourstorename .

    If all the details have been filled in, don't forget to put a check mark in the agreement section of the Terms and Conditions . Then, click the Sign up with email button .

    create linktree account login details

  3. Fill in Linktree Account Info

    The next step in how to create a Linktree is to fill in the Linktree account info. Enter your full name in the column provided. Then, select your business category. Don't forget to check the captcha verification column.

    If all the info has been filled in, click the Continue button to continue the account creation process.

    fill in linktree account info

  4. Choosing the Free Linktree Plan

    At this stage, you can choose the Linktree account plan that you will create. 

    For this Linktree tutorial, we chose to create a free account only. Because the basic features provided in the Free plan are sufficient to meet the needs.

    When you have finished selecting, click the Sign up for Free $0 button .

    choose the free linktree plan

    Up to this point, you have successfully registered for a Linktree account. You will get a Thanks for signing up message and a notification to verify your email.

  5. Doing Email Verification

    You will receive a verification email from Linktree in the email inbox you used to register. Click the Verify Email button to activate your account.

    verifikasi email linktree

  6. Login to Linktree Account

    You will be redirected to the Linktree login page. Enter the username and password that you have created in the fields provided, then click Sign in .

    login linktree

  7. Accessing the Linktree Dashboard Page

    If you are successful in logging in, you will see a dashboard page where you can create a Linktree as shown below:

    access the linktree dashboard page

    You will see four main menus on this page, namely: 

    – Links : Used to add new links.
    – Appearance : Used to change your linktree's theme and profile.
    – Settings : Used to make settings related to banners, social icons, email integration and sensitive materials. 
    – PRO : Used if you want to upgrade your account to the PRO plan.

    You can preview any changes you make to the four menus above on the right side of the dashboard page.

  8. Create New Link

    Let's try to add a new link by clicking Add New Link on the Links menu A new card will appear with the title and url fields . 

    In the title field, enter a title name that will appear in your Linktree. In the url field, enter the url that will be addressed when the title is clicked later. Toggle the toggle to ON for the emulator to show a preview of your Linktree.

    add new link on linktree

    In the picture above, we added four online shop links that we have, namely: online shop website, tokopedia, shopee and whatsapp. The following links are included:

    – Online store website :
    – Tokopedia :
    – Shopee :
    – WhatsApp : (change with your business WA number) Your

    Linktree URL can be seen in the upper right corner of the Linktree dashboard.

  9. Share Your Online Store Link

    There are four ways you can share links from Linktree, namely:

    Add Linktree to your socials : add Linktree URLs to your social media profiles, such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.

    Share my Linktree to all connections : share Linktree URL to all your connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Email, etc.

    My Linktree QR code : share QR code pointing to Linktree URL

    Copy Linktree : Copy Linktree URL and share it manually.

    In this guide, we use the Copy Linktree method . Because this method is more flexible to use on any platform. The trick, click the Share button then copyYour link is as shown in the image below:

    share url linktree online shop

    Next, paste the Linktree URL on your social media platform. For example, on a business Instagram account . 

    To do this, go to the Edit Profile page on your Instagram account. Then, enter your Linktree URL in the Website field . Don't forget, click Save to save changes.

    Well, now your social media already has Linktree which can help your customers connect with your business website, Tokopedia, Shopee and WhatsApp more quickly.

Ready to Use Linktree for Your Online Business?

Linktree is a pretty effective service for disseminating information about your online business. In this article, we have provided a guide on how to easily create a free Linktree. 

Even though it's free, there are many benefits of Linktree that can support the progress of your online business, regardless of the channel. Even so, using an online store website is the most recommended.

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