What is standard SEO website? Standard SEO website criteria that you need to know


Website SEO is becoming more and more difficult for many people, Google has become smarter and stricter in ranking issues. Although there are many evaluation criteria, standard SEO web is one of the important factors determining rankings, helping you get more interactions with customers. So what is SEO standard website? Why need an SEO standard website? Today, Paroda will summarize the most important criteria to contribute to creating a true SEO standard web.

1. What is standard SEO website?

Before talking about standard SEO web, let's talk about SEO (because when we understand SEO, we know what is needed to optimize SEO standard website).

SEO is a job that helps you optimize your website according to Google's criteria (in many ways). From there, Google will evaluate through their scale to rank the website, for the keyword you want.

Standard SEO website is the most important foundational criterion for a website to meet "necessary conditions" when performing SEO, and professional SEO issues such as Backlinks, Content, Traffic, etc. will be "sufficient conditions" for your website. get ranked and reach potential customers.

What is standard SEO website?  Standard SEO website criteria that you need to know

So, standard SEO website design is a form of website building that meets and optimizes all of Google's technical and Onpage ranking criteria. From there, Google's ranking score for the website will be increased to meet the "necessary conditions" to improve rankings and reach potential customers.

2. Why website must be SEO standard?

In this world, there are many different languages ​​such as: English, Vietnamese, French, etc. In order for English speakers to understand you, you cannot speak Vietnamese with them but must speak in English. Similarly, Google is an engine, in order for it to understand what products your website is selling, what business it is, you must optimize the website according to its standards.

Otherwise, Google will still have a way to understand your website, but it will be quite slow and only to an extent. Just like when you don't know English, the other person and you can communicate using body language, using hand gestures to express your thoughts. Thus, standard SEO website is necessary and has become a mandatory standard for websites today.

And a standard SEO website will help the website have the opportunity to be on the top of the ranking positions on Google.

3. What are the criteria to evaluate a standard SEO website?

  • Unique titles and descriptions for all pages. In which, the title contains about 60 - 65 characters; Meta description contains about 150 characters. Titles and descriptions are two things that accurately describe the page content without keyword stuffing.
  • Website URLs must be clear, formatted in lowercase, and separated by dashes.
  • Fast page loading speed will create good conditions in ranking high on Google search results table.
  • Standard SEO website is to have unique and useful content. This means that the content on your website is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. In particular, the information provided must be of good quality, accurate, easy to understand and should use bold, italic, underlined formats for the main keywords in the article.
  • Contains standard SEO images to create interesting and attractive readers. However, images need to be optimized for size, ensure quality and should use ALT text for images. In addition, the image must be suitable for the topic of the article, so you should design or edit the image yourself before using it.
  • Standard SEO website layout must be clear and consistent. Specifically, there must be Header, Breadcrumb menu, Page Title (only 1 title for each page), format text with short paragraphs with subheadings, author information, Footer.
  • Generate XML Sitemap and use Robot.txt file.
  • The interface must be compatible with all devices from computers, tablets to mobile devices, providing an enjoyable user experience.
  • There are sitemaps.

4. Reasons for businesses to have a standard SEO website

With fierce competition in the field of online marketing today, the design is a necessary condition of businesses. So what are the reasons you must design a standard SEO website?

What is standard SEO website?  Standard SEO website criteria that you need to know

Paroda has listed some of the following significant benefits:

  • Build credibility and increase brand awareness. 
  • Increase organic traffic to your website from search engines, thereby potentially ranking higher in the Google results page.
  • Maximize marketing costs on Google as well as on other channels.
  • Website is more user-friendly, easy to use, professional and enhances the experience.
  • Optimize website on mobile devices, improve website traffic.
  • There is a greater chance to get to the top naturally thanks to the combination with quality content and images.
  • Promote sales, sales efficiency thanks to a lot of traffic and targeting the right potential customers. This is also considered the most important goal of the reasons to design a standard SEO website.

In addition, standard SEO web also helps you understand what customers want. For example, how they get to your website, what they click on, how they leave, what content they like, etc.

5. The standards Google sets to reach the standard SEO website

It will be difficult for us to check if a website is SEO-friendly or not if we do not have a lot of experience or knowledge in this field. And efforts to make the website SEO standard only make sense when it goes beyond the standards set by Google. Here are Google's regulations for a truly "SEO standard" website.

5.1. SEO URL optimization – the first task when designing an SEO-standard website

  • Automatically generate URLs according to Product Titles – articles help optimize SEO URLs.
  • Customize URLs according to SEO requirements as needed.
  • Automatically generate SEO Title – SEO Description of the product – article when writing.
  • Do not use automatic URL types with numbers inside like www.example.com/?p=578544
  • Use url rewrite for links and separate each word with a hyphen “-“.
  • There is a standard file rebots.txt to control the crawlers (crawlers) to read the content easily.

There is HTTPS to ensure SEO standard website requirements

During the Google Search Console 2019 Event held in Ho Chi Minh, Google gave data on HTTPS and confirmed it as one of the criteria in evaluating SEO. Imagine if your website is less secure then Google can hardly trust it.

5.2. A standard SEO website is to have optimal content hierarchy

Search engines need a separate URL for each piece of content to be able to crawl and index that content and to refer users to the content. Different content, the URL is also different and there must be a hierarchy between the content on the page.

What is the title and description tag of the standard SEO website?

Title, meta description along with the URL are the 3 most basic information Google will display on Google Search to represent the entire content that the URL represents. Imagine if a URL had no description, Google wouldn't want it to be displayed.

Google updates its criteria and recommends the description tag of an SEO-standard website as follows:

  • SEO title – about 70 characters.
  • SEO Description – 160 to 200 characters depending on the time that visibility varies.

These displays need to be customizable to be more search engine friendly, reflecting how easy it is for searchers to understand.

404 page links to redirect page

Sometimes users will visit a non-existent page on your site by following a broken link or entering the wrong URL, or you simply have a small change that makes the link not visible.

Using a custom 404 page to guide users back to an active page on the site can improve the user experience. Your 404 page may have a link back to the original page and may also provide a link to popular or related content on your site.

Website design standard SEO is to be Mobile-friendly

Today's world is mobile-first. Most people are searching on Google using mobile devices. The desktop version of the site can be difficult to view and use on mobile devices.

Therefore, having a mobile SEO website design is important for your online presence. In fact, since late 2016, Google has begun experiments that primarily use the mobile version of website content for ranking, structured data parsing, and snippet generation.

Set up H1, H2, H3 tags on the website

Setting up custom H1, H2, H3 tags on the interface easily helps Google know the content of articles and products.

What is standard SEO website?  Standard SEO website criteria that you need to know

6. Conclusion

There are many factors to evaluate a standard SEO website and the factors listed in the article are the most basic ones, the most tested. Most new websites designed in recent years meet the standards, but there are also websites that do not or do not meet the above basic standards because the designers or webmasters do not know the information.

The most important advantage of standard SEO web design is that you will get more Organic Traffic from search engines.

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