Maximizing Social Media for Online Business

 Times are always changing, so are marketing trends. Marketing trends are always evolving following technological developments. Especially for online business owners who are certain that almost all of their marketing activities occur in cyberspace. Marketing channels or marketing channels that online business owners can use are many and varied. One of the great opportunities is to conduct marketing activities through social media for online business.

What is Social Media?

Social media is a medium to socialize with each other and is done online which allows humans to interact without being limited by space and time. 

Today there are various kinds of social media for business. Some examples of social media for business include Facebook, Youtube, Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LINE, and Pinterest. Maybe some of you are already using social media for the business you are in.

The presence of social media is important to increase visitors to your online business website. Where your website functions as an online business  medium and social media functions as a marketing channel. Simply put, social media is a bridge that directs people to visit your online store website.

Why Use Social Media for Business?

It is mandatory for online business owners to use social media as a marketing channel. Considering that the Indonesian people are indeed people who are active in social networks.

According to data released by We Are Social , users in Indonesia reach 130 million people and the time spent on social networks per day is 3 hours 23 minutes . Of course, you don't want to miss out on a great opportunity to get customers through potential social networks.

With such a huge potential to market your online business through social networks, you can't just jump right into working on this broad marketing channel. A mature communication strategy is needed so that the market in this social network is managed effectively and efficiently.

Social Media Functions for Business

Expand the network

Social media is one of the most effective ways to market your online business . Through social media, you can reach more people to know the products you offer that may not be reachable with other advertising media. Awareness of the importance of social media for the growth of your online business will open up more opportunities to grow and attract more consumers.

Increase Product Popularity

Provide a place for customers to find out about every new product and product you offer. You can increase consumer awareness by providing the best offers that can make them interested and want to know more details about the products offered. Especially if your social media has a lot of followers, social media will be the most powerful way to market your business.

Get New Customers

Apart from product awareness, social media is the most effective way to drive new consumers to your website. Direct new consumers to pages that provide information they may need or seek. You can also provide special promos for new consumers, for example when they sign up for a newsletter. Of course, with more and more new customers who have the potential to become loyal customers, your business will also grow.

Increase Website Visitors and Search Engine Ranking

If you run an online business , one of the things you need to pay attention to is website visitors and ranking on search engines. Social media can help increase your ranking on search engines by increasing traffic and backlinks that point to your website. If the information you provide through social media is considered important by visitors, they will share the information on their own social media and of course this will be useful for increasing your website traffic.

Maintaining Good Relationships and Customer Satisfaction

After consumers buy your product, the service you provide does not only reach when the customer pays. However, you still have to provide service after purchasing the product by responding to the criticism and suggestions they convey and providing the best solution for the problems they face. Good handling of consumers will also create a good relationship between you and the customer.

Then what is the best way to start making a good communication strategy on social media? Here are the steps from start to finish to win a potential market through this medium:

The Bulls Eye technique is a technique developed by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares in a book called Traction to map marketing strategies on social media. Business owners can apply this technique to determine which media is suitable as the main marketing channel for their online business. This technique consists of five steps: Brainstorming, Ranking, Prioritize, Test, and Focus On.


The purpose of this brainstorming is to analyze the potential of each social media for your online business. Make a list of all the popular social media that exist without exception.

Include ideas that can be applied to each of these media. At this stage you are just making a hypothesis or guess, predicting social media for a business that is suitable for your online business market. 


At this stage, you begin to group the media on the list into three categories. The first category is the Inner Circle, which is the most promising social media and the most interesting ideas.

The second group is Potential , namely social media that may work, but are not as promising as the first category. The third category is Long-Shot , which is social media that takes a long time to apply ideas in the first stage.


After grouping social media into three categories, now is the time to focus on one category, namely the Inner Circle . This Inner Circle is the most promising social media forecast for your online business.

There are at least three social media in this Inner Circle category . The reason why there should be three is that you will be testing these three media at a later stage.

If you only have one medium in this category, you cannot know the potential of other media that may be promising. Three social media is considered the ideal number to conduct experiments.


This stage is where you apply the ideas you have written on the three social media that are in the Inner Circle category . The purpose of this stage is to find out which media is eligible to be the main marketing channel.

At this stage, experiments on three social media are carried out simultaneously so that there is no bias in one of the media. It must be remembered that this experimental process is not to get as many consumers as possible from one social media.

This experiment serves to collect data and prove initial assumptions. So the basis for determining which media is suitable for your online business is not just assumptions, but based on data.

Focus On

If the above experiment goes well, you'll get data showing the one medium that's best suited for your online business. Then start directing effort and resources to demonstrate the appeal of your product to that one social media.

The goal of this stage is to squeeze all the effort to increase the attractiveness of the product on just one marketing channel. In order to get effective results, you must continuously experiment on this selected social media to find the most optimal way to increase sales growth.

The more experiments you do on these selected marketing channels, the more effective you will find the most effective marketing tactics until social media is no longer relevant.

[ecko_alert color=”blue”]The final result of the Bulls Eye Technique for each online business will be different because each type of industry has its own characteristics. The marketing approach on social media used is also different.[/ecko_alert]

However, there are some basic principles for marketing through social media. This basic principle applies to all types of media. Here are some basic principles of social media marketing that you can apply:

Tips for Managing Social Media for Business

Form a Management Team

By having a special team for managing social media for online business promotion, making communication strategies will be easier. You can manage your team by enforcing a rotation or shift change every once in a while. You just need to define guidelines so that your team can consistently manage them.

This management team is important because it is impossible to hand over this huge work to just one person. Working in a team will make management easier so that your online business can always be active. Because ideally an online business must be responsive at all times. 

Make a Commitment

Managing social media for an online business can be challenging and requires a lot of time. Before starting management, make sure all members of the management team make this work a priority.

This commitment is a reminder to team members that they have a big responsibility because marketing channels are a bridge for consumers to come to your online business.

Set Goal

Make a strategy with clear goals and measurable success. Don't manage social media without a clear plan and goals. Think about how by utilizing this marketing channel, you can increase product brand awareness.

The success rate of your strategy should be measurable to make it easier to evaluate. Set goals that are challenging, but still achievable.

Create a Content Calendar

social media calendar

Many companies do not fully understand that social media is an independent marketing channel. Managing this marketing channel can't just post if you want to form an active and loyal consumer community.

Create a comprehensive content schedule within a certain timeframe. You also need to plan when the content should be released and on which channels.

Create Interesting Content

Online business owners are required to always be creative in providing content in order to attract the attention of people on social networks. There are many marketing content spread on social networks, you must have fresh and creative content to stand out among your competitors.

Listen to Consumers

Social media provides an open platform that allows online business owners to have two-way communication with their consumers. So this marketing channel does not only function to promote products, but also as a medium to listen to consumers.

Take advantage of social networks to understand consumers, what they want and need. This approach will not only help business owners understand their customers, but can also be used as an opportunity to build loyal customers.


One of the biggest hurdles in managing social media is having to release new content on a regular basis. A business owner must have a passion for the business he is in. This is important so that business owners are always enthusiastic about looking for new ideas in this marketing channel.

When the online business owner and team share the same passion, it will be easier to brainstorm ideas for their online business strategy.


Managing social media doesn't just stop at creating communication strategies and content creation guidelines for your company. After that you also need to monitor its progress regularly and conduct regular evaluations.

As mentioned in the previous point, there must be a measurable level of success in managing a marketing channel. It is at this point that you can measure the level of success. Monitor the media on a regular basis to keep track of developments .

By doing this monitoring, you can analyze what strategies are most effective, which strategies are less effective, when is the best time to release new content, what are the feedbacks from consumers, and what strategies should be taken in the future based on the data.


To develop products and services, an online business requires feedback from consumers about the products and services they previously sold. And social media is a marketing channel that plays a big role in getting the consumer experience.

Online marketing using social media makes it easier for online business owners to learn about consumers faster. Consumer experience data obtained through social networks can be used as a basis for making better decisions in the future.

By mastering marketing strategies on social networks, you can expand your online business market. The more people who know about your products through social networks, the more likely people will shop on your website.

These are the steps to maximize social media so that your online business is more successful. Website and social media are two things that are always related in increasing success in online business. The two cannot be separated. Maximize marketing on social media to increase consumers on your online business website.

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