Predict 7 Effective SEO Trends in 2022

 This 2022, SEO is still in Content , Backlink and Traffic . But the weights will probably change. Here are a few of my personal predictions. Hopefully they will help you have more useful perspectives on SEO.

1. Content will need not only length but also quality, variety of formats

We can see that topics in the average competition group need content over 2000 words. The days of 1000 word articles are probably over. Competitors all have very quality content, so we will also have to create content of equal or better quality than the competition.

Content will not only need to be long, but also have to be diverse in media such as images, videos, infographics, tables... to increase user experience.

2. LSI is still a factor that needs attention

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LSI are words that help Google better understand the content we want SEO

Optimizing LSI for content still gives good results. Because after all, Google is a programmed bot, and programming has certain rules. In which LSI is one of the ranking rules that many SEOers in the world and in the country have proven.

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Google is offering more and more types of instant results and snippets, to help users get more information on Google without having to go to a certain website. From there, it can be seen that the content structure will need more attention.

The headings h2, h3, h4 and the first body paragraphs of a piece of content need to be sorted by the user's reading and searching behavior to be able to appear on instant results.

In addition, schema optimization will also affect featured snippet and instant results more or less. Therefore, optimizing schema is just as important as optimizing headings.

4. Traffic

Traffic from Google ads is still good for SEO because it brings the right users to the landing page. If the page has good content, the user signal returns well, then the SEO efficiency will improve significantly, but if the page is bad, the user signal is bad, the SEO can sometimes go backwards.

Traffic referral from all sources if the right audience has a good effect on SEO. But if the wrong object, it will be counterproductive. (Imagine the web has a large number of users who only enter the web for a few seconds and then go out, how will Google evaluate it)

Traffic users is probably still a safer trick than backlinks. Although difficult, but Google can completely trace through the behavior patterns of these types of traffic. So if you have, just declare as much as possible and prepare more plans if this type of traffic is caught.

Backlink is still extremely important, it is necessary to pay attention to quality over quantity. Sidebar and footer links are almost dead after Google's recent update. New websites, under 12 months old and have a link profile that is not strong enough, but going to these two types of links will be penalized " Manual Action " right away.

Links to PR articles are probably the safest and most powerful links you can buy.

Link guest post is also safe if you don't buy too much. If you buy a lot, spread slowly. Guest posts should still choose a website with the same topic and good organic traffic.

Link tool is still effective if you know how to shoot. I do not encourage newbies to use the link shot tool.

The social entity link still works with the new website. But it seems the power has decreased a lot. Should combine Social Entity with 1-2 articles PR Newspaper, will be much more effective.

6. Website will become more important

Website will probably have a more important role in SEO. User experience on the website will directly affect SEO. Factors such as slow loading, bad design, hard to read fonts, many annoying effects, confusing CTA all reduce the user experience, thereby reducing the effectiveness of SEO.

Currently, the core web vital points have not had much impact on SEO, but perhaps in the future there will be. Because Google doesn't create it and leave it alone, it's just not fully developed.

The website can help SEO sublimate or destroy all efforts of SEO. Do not save money when investing in the web. If you want to go far, you must have a good car, if you want to be strong, you must have a good website.

7. Brand maintains an important position in SEO

Brand is becoming more and more important in SEO. Because the content of the web is of equal quality, backlinks are increasingly weighted, so Google it will need another parameter to evaluate the reputation of the website. Those are the parameters of Brand - brand.

A good brand is a brand:

  • has coverage, is mentioned all over the internet from forums, social networks, to newspapers (this entity can partially support),
  • have many active interactions on social media, and must be regular for a long time
  • Searched by brand key a lot, of course, it must be regularly like the above.

SEO will be most economical and effective when combined in an overall marketing campaign including Branding and Performance (PR + Ads + SEO).


SEO is getting more and more competitive, and this is no longer a playground for “technical” people. It needs a combination of content, branding and advertising to achieve the fastest effect.

Hope my sharing above will help you get useful information.

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