How to create a data-driven Customer Journey?

 The progress of new technologies applied to purchasing processes is spectacular. Marketing is expanding more and more in its attempt to acquire new tools and that is where creating a data-based customer journey is relevant. Why? Basically, if you want to be successful in your business, you must know your potential client as if they were your best friendContinue reading to clear all your doubts!

To understand the importance of creating a data-driven customer journey, you first need to understand what a customer journey is. We summarize it like this: it is the map of customer experiences, a drawing that allows you to know what their concerns are, their interests, their consumption habits, and a lot of other details that should matter to you.

Knowledge is power, and if you want sales of your product or service to grow, you need to know who might be interested in what you have to offer. Otherwise, you will never know how to reach them. Now that we know the relevance, let's see how it goes.

create a data-driven Customer Journey

Everything involved in creating a data-driven customer journey

At this point, it is important to note that the creation of a customer journey implies an exhaustive and unbiased lookIn other words, this means that we must take into account the process from the moment the potential client discovers that he has a need (or even before) and not until the purchase is made. We must extend the study to post-sale because that way we can make sure that the experience has been good or that it needs to be improved.

Creating a data-driven Customer Journey is impossible without technological support

Unless you can afford to serve each of your customers personally, you need some platform. In the event that your business is small and you are behind every purchase, then you can easily record the important information about your niche.

For example, you should define an age range, recognize what means the person uses to search for products or services, what things concern them, and how much money they are willing to pay for what you offer. Likewise, you should also analyze the frequency with which they visit your store, at what times they do so, and what their feelings are when they have already made the purchase.

But if, on the other hand, you have so many clients that you don't even know each one, you need some software that manages the information flows for youYou will be happy to know that, for example, conversational AI could be your great ally.

This tool, in combination with business intelligence software, can transcribe the conversations received in your call center. In addition, it stores the data based on the categories detected. You should think about adding this powerful instrument because it will allow you to define the following:

  • Who is your target audience
  • Identify needs in order to meet them
  • Fix possible bugs that would lead to bad user experiences
  • Optimize resources
  • Know your weak points to invest in them (time and money)
  • Strengthen the relationship between your brand image and customer experience

create a data-driven Customer Journey

It does not matter if your company is focused on final consumers or on other companies

In other areas, it is very important to differentiate whether we are dealing with a B2B or B2C business. However, this is not the case. We say this because knowing the customer experience or the customer journey will always lead to better performance for your business, regardless of who that customer isWe are all interested in those who interact with our business getting the best feelings, as this will lead to recommendations and rising numbers.


In general terms, we tell you not to neglect the task of getting to know your clients deeply. This is where the importance of creating a data-driven customer journey lies. You can first define the size of your business, and then you will know if you can collect the data yourself or need support.

The good news is that once you start taking the customer journey seriously, it doesn't take long for the results to show upAll the actions focused on improving consumer satisfaction are usually not in vain, unless you misinterpret the data. Anyway, you can always consult with professionals.

And you, are you already working on creating a data-driven customer journeyWe want to know your experience!

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