How to protect your systems and know where attacks are coming from

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Cyber ​​attacks are no longer a common feature only in futuristic TV shows or science fiction movies.

We have witnessed the forceful action of digital offenders and a frighteningly growing number of companies that succumb to various vulnerabilities, from leaking passwords and the uncontrolled circulation
of sensitive data to the kidnapping of strategic information.
If, on the one hand, not everyone is prepared for this new threatening reality, it is also noteworthy that more and more organizations are investing in the adoption of cybersecurity policies. The news is good, but it is still far from an ideal scenario.

Here in Brazil, the road is long, since the concern with digital security is still not a reality for 40% of national companies – a worrying fact, raised by studies of global players in the segment.
Although 45% of Brazilian companies say they have already established digital surveillance measures, 15% have not yet made them mandatory, without employees being obliged to comply with them. This gap leads almost half of Brazilian professionals to access corporate networks without any concern, using their own devices. Rest assured: this vulnerability is on the radar of cybercriminals.

How can you ensure that the software used by your organization – and, by extension, your business as a whole – is always protected from digital threats? The best alternative is to resort to a concept that we have been talking a lot about here.

Adopting Value Stream Management throughout the entire software development process ensures the implementation of digital security features embedded in applications from their earliest stages – starting right at the planning and design phase.

Let's understand why the VSM is essential in this context; and how the importance of this concept led a product from the portfolio to receive important recognition from the global IT industry.


Give full attention to cybersecurity

Faced with the current need to digitize the work routine, many companies – but not all, unfortunately – have started to prioritize updating their digital security policies. With hundreds or even thousands of corporate devices spread across different places, organizations have become more connected, but
also more exposed to cyber risks. The list is not small, as it can include attacks of the most diverse types, data leakage, and even the loss of information stored on the network.
a Mastercard survey commissioned by Instituto Datafolha indicates that 57% of Brazilian companies in the education, financial, insurance, technology, telecom, health, and retail are the target of fraud and digital attacks with medium or high frequency. What draws the most attention, however, is that only 32% of the companies interviewed
have their own cybersecurity area.
In this dangerous scenario, some solutions began to gain prominence in the market.

Recently, one of the products in the portfolio received important market recognition during the RSA Conference 2021, promoted by CRN and considered the largest conference in the world in the cybersecurity sector. Amidst
several innovative platforms dedicated to practices such as threat intelligence, asset management, incident response, and data categorization, the Essential App Protection product (formerly known as Arxan) joined the select list of the 15 products with the greatest impact on digital security.


Anticipate attacks and extend protection

As we said, Essential App Protection represents the growing concern of the market with cybersecurity management – ​​and, for no other reason, this theme was the main focus of this year's edition of the RSA Conference, held virtually.
This solution, part of's portfolio focused on application protection, not only protects and prevents your organization's software from running in insecure environments but also provides real-time access to information about possible cyber attacks. It is able to indicate, for example, when and where
applications are suffering from some type of threat.
The tool empowers DevSecOps teams (development, security, and operations) with all the visibility they need to make smart decisions about the most appropriate level of protection, taking into account parameters such as the devices used by the team and the routine use of the software. by the collaborators.
This technology also makes it possible to quickly scale this same protection to future applications to be adopted by the company, which adds even more security and reliability to each step taken towards the organization's growth.


Eliminate all digital gaps

Essential App Protection also allows companies to act immediately and intelligently on devices that eventually have their security compromised – due to intrusions or password leaks, for example.
This is possible through reactive and targeted actions as well as recurring protection updates. The tool also detects and prevents applications from running in low-security situations. A common situation when there are a lot of devices rooted or unlocked, as has happened with
so many companies throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.
But what if attackers force access to strategic company software and data?
It is very likely that the protection provided by Essential App Protection will prevent them from taking any kind of action. Through the highest level of obfuscation,'s solution prevents the viewing and analysis of application source codes if they are decompiled – that is, turned into something that can be read and used by
This means they are less likely to access useful information such as IP numbers and trade secrets, as well as exploit other vulnerabilities linked to security breaches. In addition, the insights provided by the tool, such as the location and means used to trigger an attack on an application, help shape more assertive decisions about protection measures – and less based on assumptions.

Digital security is essential to protect your business

We make a point of highlighting some of the advantages of Essential App Protection, now widely recognized by the market, in an attempt to demonstrate the importance of investing in advanced and affordable solutions to prevent actions by cybercriminals that ultimately , can put your entire business at risk.
Technology is essential to ensure protection against different types of threats and to learn from new attempts at attacks, supporting the construction of a digital security policy – ​​an item that is still pending for many companies, despite being so necessary.
On this path of no return, and in times of accelerated digitization, it is high time to put cybersecurity at the center of your organization. Count on and Leadcomm to make this transition happen safely and fully in line with your business goals.

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