The 10 most dangerous computer viruses

 Would you like to know which are the most dangerous computer virusesThe fear of our computer being infected with a virus is more common than you think, we have all suffered from it at some point. 

As users, we want to protect our personal information and files while continuing to browse the internet and download content that interests us. For that, we must know which are the most harmful software and how to protect ourselves from its threat.

First of all, what is a computer virus?

This is the name given to a type of malicious program that enters the computer's memory and seeks to alter its proper functioning. User intervention is required for it to run, otherwise, it cannot be activated. 

There are many types, and not all of them are equally risky for your devices. But some can destroy all or part of the information stored on your computer.

So, what are the most dangerous computer viruses?

It is not an easy question, because many criteria must be taken into account when indicating which were the most dangerous malicious software in history. What is certain is that all those included in the following list were extremely harmful in their beginnings and some still are.


Launched in 2000, it was sent via an email with the subject line “I LOVE YOU” and a malicious attachment. It is considered one of the most dangerous because it infected 10 million computers and is still running.

2. Friday the 13th

Created in 1998, its name has to do with its attack system, because it is only activated when the calendar shows the date Friday the 13th. On that day, this malware eliminates all the programs and files executed on the system. Also called Jerusalem, this virus was spread through emails or CDs.

3. Anna Kournikova

Launched in 2001, this virus was sent through an email containing an image of a famous tennis player. When the user opened the file, the mail was automatically forwarded to all his contacts in the Outlook electronic messaging system.

4. Melissa

It appeared in March 1999, and like ILoveYou or Anna Kournikova, it spread massively through email servicesIt emerged in the United States and the message it used was “Here is the document you requested… don't show it to anyone else”.

5. Zeus

Launched in 2007, it became famous because it was used to steal passwords and bank details, that is, sensitive information for the user. It was detected only on computers with Windows systems. It was a Trojan virus that allowed the driver to take over some functions of the infected PC.

6. Blaster

Also known as Lovsan, Blaster is a worm created in the United States in 2003, designed to attack computers with a Windows operating system. In its code, it contained two messages, one of which read: “Billy Gates, why are you making this possible? Stop making money and fix your software."

7. SQL Slammer

It was created in 2003 and attacked more than 500,000 servers in just a few days. This computer worm is considered one of the most dangerous due to the surprising speed of its propagation.

8. Nimda

This computer worm was created in China in 2001 and was considered very dangerous due to its propagation method, which combined three different systems. Its name is short for administrator but spelled backward because it allowed the driver to acquire administrator privileges.

9. bars

It emerged in 1993 and was the first known virus in Spanish. It is activated every January 5th and it is easy to identify because it makes vertical bars of colors appear on the computer screen.

10. Falling Letters

Also known as Cascade, it appeared in Germany in 1997. Like the Barrot's, it is easy to recognize because it generates effects on the screen. It causes letters to flow down like water from a waterfall on infected devices.


How can I protect my PC from these threats?

Don't worry, it's possible to apply some cybersecurity measures to minimize the risk of your computer getting infected with a dangerous virus. The most important thing is to have an antivirus system and always keep it updated.

But you should also take some precautions when browsing the web and using email. Don't open attachments from unreliable sites or from unknown senders. Avoid clicking on pop-up ads, because they can lead you to risky web pages for your PC. 

In any case, you should be careful in case your antivirus fails and one of these viruses manages to enter your computer's memory. It is necessary that you make a backup of all the information and personal files that you want to keep.

Now that you know more about these dangerous computer viruses, take care of your device from these threats!

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