What is a DDos attack?

 Cybersecurity concerns us all for the simple fact that, whether we like it or not, we are more or less connected to the network. In this sense, a DDoS attack is one of the new concerns, both for specialists and for those who are interested in their online security. Read on to find out what we're talking about and how to be forewarned!

Let's start by defining what a DDoS attack is

A DDoS attack is a distributed denial-of-service attackThis attack consists of taking advantage of specific capacity limits that apply to any network resource and also to the infrastructure that makes the existence of the website in question possible. In other words, the DDoS attack will send several requests to the victim resource with the intention of overflowing its capacity and preventing it from working properly.

DDos attack

Who is most vulnerable to this type of cyber attack?

Specialists have determined that there are three groups most likely to be victims of a DDoS attack. They are:

  • online shopping sites
  • online casinos
  • Any website that requires the provision of online services

How does this type of attack work and what is its main motivation?

That is a very interesting question as your answer helps us better understand what we are talking about. In this sense, it is important to highlight that a DDoS attack aims to damage the proper functioning of a website in order to discredit itThe user will probably see a recurring error message and this will lead them to migrate to another similar site that can solve their needs.

As a general trend, it is believed that these types of attacks are carried out between competitors in the same category, precisely with the intention of gaining customers unfairly. This is because the number of requests is exceeded, either from the network resources, the channel that connects the server to the Internet, or both.

The method that is generally used is that of the "so-called botnet", that is, it is operated through a large network of infected computers that the cybercriminal manages in its entirety. The scale of this type of attack is such that the attacker will surely succeed if he uses this route.

It's not all bad news when it comes to DDoS attacks

At SSD we provide solutions and that is why we also strive to find the bright side even in the worst scenarios. At this point, it must be recognized that DDoS attacks were very popular in the 2000s. However, they have since diminished and this may be due to joint investigations by several countries, which ended with several cybercriminals behind bars.

However, it must also be recognized that an attack of this nature took place not long ago. It paralyzed several of the most used platforms today. We refer to Twitter, Netflix and Spotify. That was definitely a before and after. A milestone that led common users to become interested in the subject so that it ceases to be an area reserved for experts.

DDos attack

Another look at this topic

So far we have talked about DDoS as a real threat, but they also have another function. And it is that, in addition to annoying users, this practice can be useful to check the real traffic capacity of a computer. This is a great strategy for administrators, who before they run out of resources and affect the resources that are lent, can take action.


It is important to end this article by pointing out that, if you are a personal user, it is very likely that you will never suffer a DDoS attack. However, you may be in danger if you are a company. However, the worst that could happen to you is that your server stops working as it normally doesThat will undoubtedly lead to a huge headache for your customers, but your teams will be safe.

There are those who believe that DDoS attacks are forms of protest even by certain activists against certain firms since, strictly speaking, the risks are not as serious as in other cyber attacks.

We have reached this far with the information "What is a DDoS attack?" We hope it has been useful to you. Remember that at Techcy we offer technological solutions in the areas of infrastructure, virtualization, telecommunications, data, and contact centers. Contact us for more information and leave us your opinion about this article in the comments!

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